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What Is Dream.In.Code?
Dream.In.Code is a community of over half a million programmers, web developers, and geeks who share a passion for learning and helping others learn. We have several comprehensive and very active Q&A areas including Programming Help, Web Development, and Computer Support areas.

In addition, we have a vibrant general discussion area which includes the Corner Cubicle (for professionals), Student Campus (for students), Caffeine Lounge (chit-chat), and other off-topic forums.

Asking Questions
Dream.In.Code is primarily a place to ask questions. You'll receive the best help if you provide as much information about your question or problem as possible. Include a good title, your code, any errors you're encountering, and what you've tried or searched for to solve your problem. We will not do your homework for you.


  • Post your code between :code:/> tags
  • Include details about errors and what your question is
  • Use proper English and spelling
  • Tell us what you've tried to solve your problem

Do Not:

  • Ask us to do your homework or project for you
  • Copy/Paste your homework assignment
  • Use "txt" speak (i.e. plz, hlp, thx)

Answering Questions
You can earn reputation and recognition (and that warm fuzzy feeling) by helping in our Q&A forums. We strive to provide answers that are detailed and in-depth by including links to documentation, examples of code, and explanations. We do not however do people's homework for them. Nor do we tell people to "Google It" as that's usually how they arrived here.


  • Provide in-depth explanations & details
  • Include links to documentation & references
  • Be polite and professional
  • Provide a solution others will find useful in the future

Do Not:

  • Enforce rules in replies, use the "Report" button instead
  • Just tell someone to "Google It"
  • Be rude or hijack topics just to criticize the OP

Reporting Bad Posts & Members
If a post/topic needs moved, is spam, is a "Gimme Teh Codez" or doesn't provide any details/information, or breaks other rules, please report it using the "Posted Image Report" button in the bottom left of any post, or on any members profile.

Editing Your Posts
In order to gain editing permissions, members need 16 posts or a badge. More on our editing policies can be found here.

Member Groups & Badges
As you become more involved in the Dream.In.Code community, you will earn more privileges and recognition for your contributions and expertise through various member groups, badges, and our reputation and kudos system (more on that later).

  • Just Registered
    New members with 0 posts.

    • May start new topics and reply to others
    • Limited to 5 up votes and 0 down votes per day
    • Cannot PM other members
    • Cannot comment on profiles or blogs

  • New Member
    Members with less than 10 posts.

    • Limited to 10 up votes and 0 down votes per day
    • Can PM other members (no more than 5 per day)
    • Can comment on blogs and add friends

  • Member
    Members with more than 10 posts.

    • Limited to 25 up votes and 5 down votes per day
    • Can PM other members (no more than 5 per day)
    • Can comment on blogs and add friends

  • DIC++
    Premium site supporter. Enjoys ad-free browsing and DIC++ badge. Become a DIC++ member!

  • Contributors
    Members who have contributed at least one code snippet or tutorial. This badge is proudly displayed by members who have provided quality content to the community.

  • Authors
    Members who have written at least three peer reviewed and admin accepted tutorials.

  • Experts
    This is one of the hardest badges to get and requires a display of expertise in a specific subject area. Members who answer questions accurately and are deemed to be experts in a particular forum will be awarded the purple Expert badge. Experts are often looked at during the Moderator nomination process.

  • Forum Leaders
    Members who lead a specific forum and help start and lead discussions, handle basic moderation, and participate in the planning and execution of Dream.In.Code challenges, contests, and other activities.

  • Mentors
    Members who have exhibited great expertise, leadership, professionalism, and embody the spirit and vision of Dream.In.Code are awarded the Mentor badge. Mentors are moderators in their respective forums.

  • Moderators
    The blue Moderator badge is given to very active members who have contributed to the community, shown a desire to help, fully understand the rules and personality of the site, and are willing to dedicate several hours a day to helping and moderating the forums they're in charge of.

  • Admins
    The green badge of Team members is earned by being extremely active in the community, helping on a daily basis, participating in community descisions and suggesting improvements. Team members are picked very carefuly by the Administrators and are super moderators. Our team members are usually our most helpful users. This badge is not given out often.

  • Swampie
    Swampies are a special breed of member who follow the infamous SpectateSwamp

  • Alumni
    Alumni are members who were previously on the Dream.In.Code staff. They are moderators, admins, and other team members who have climbed the ladder and successfully escaped the grips of the Dream.In.Code dungeon where all staff members are kept.

What Is Reputation?
Reputation is a metric used at Dream.In.Code to help indicate which posts are helpful, and which members are the most helpful or knowledgeable. Each forum displays the top reputation earners for that month in the right column.

Proper etiquette is to click the Posted Image button when someone asks a good question or starts a good topic, or replies with a helpful answer. Down rep (Posted Image) should only be given when a reply is unhelpful or blatantly wrong. Down rep should not be used as retribution, or to indicate disagreement.

Reputation Ranks:

Exiled: -20
Disgraced: -10
Shunned: -5
Dishonored: -1
Apprentice: 0
Worker: 5
Tradesman: 10
Craftsman: 25
Whiz: 50
Stalwart: 100
Architect: 250
Enlightened: 500
Master: 750
Grandmaster: 1,000
Guru: 2,500
Overlord: 5,000
Deity: 7,500
Legendary: 10,000

What Are Kudos?
Kudos are points earned by contributing tutorials and code snippets. When you earn 500 kudos, you receive a free DIC++ subscription for life.

  • Tutorials = 50 Kudos
  • Code Snippets = 25 Kudos

Earning Member Titles
Your member title appears below your avatar in the forums. As you make more posts, your member title changes. Lucky for you, when you reach 500 posts, you can change your own member title from your control panel. ;)/>

  • New D.I.C Head - 0
  • D.I.C Head - 50
  • D.I.C Regular - 250
  • D.I.C Addict - 500
  • D.I.C Lover - 1,000