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Applying Functional Programming Ideas To OOP

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The ideas of functional programming...
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Using Multiple Submit Buttons With a Single Form

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After a while of web development, developers usually come across a project where they need to create multiple submit buttons with a single form. This usually occurs right when they have a table that has several rows and each row has a couple buttons to edit or delete the row. These rows might have been added dynamically using Javascript...
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Creating Enumerations in PHP

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If you are experienced in any of the major programming languages (.NET, Java, Python etc.) you are probably familiar with the idea of "Enums" or "Enumerations". These are used to help increase readability by assigning readable names to a collection of static values. It is much easier to read "Color.Red" than seeing...
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Exception Handling With A Level of Abstraction

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One of the common topics you always see in programming articles is the one about proper use of exception handling and the try/catch mechanism (if supported by your language of choice). As you absorb the wisdom of the sacred text, looking for that nugget of information about how to do it properly, you almost always come across the idea of...
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Minimalism In Code

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You may have heard of minimalism before in all sorts of disciplines and philosophies of life. Some of you might have heard of it as living without many possessions or perhaps in computing to refer to using as least amount of hardware and software resources as possible. I would like to take a small spin on perspective of applying this philosophy of...
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NULL Is Legit When Used Correctly

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I was doing some research on a topic about compulsory parameters to constuctors for a project I was doing when I came across a topic about the use of NULL as a return value. Don't ask me how I stumble into these things. As you can imagine, as with everything in software engineering circles, there was a raging debate about whether or not NULL...
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Loading Gravity Forms From A Database

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If you are a developer that has been working with the Gravity Form plugin, you undoubtedly have run across the need to load a form based on a row from the database. Finding documentation on how exactly to go about doing this is very sparse. Unless you have reasoned it out well, you are probably pulling your hair right about now and are at a...
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Generating JSON Web Tokens (JWT) in Java or PHP

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JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) are a mechanism for authentication that is simple to setup and easy to use. However, most of the time when you encounter this topic in a project, you get the advice to just use a JWT package. I am not quite sure why given that creating a token is relatively straight forward if you know how they are built. You can also...

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